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Jim Swank

Jim Swank

Caster Concepts takes few things more seriously than the quality of its products. The person charged with this responsibility is our quality tech, Jim Swank. Since the summer of 2015 he has been responsible for our inspection processes as well as ISO internal auditing, troubleshooting processes, equipment calibration, and training.

Before Jim became an expert in quality control he grew up in nearby Jackson and attended East Jackson High. He got his start in manufacturing as a lathe operator and transitioned into doing set up at a manufacturer in Leslie Michigan.  Around 10 years ago he moved into a quality control position for an aerospace manufacturer and remained in that field until Caster Concepts found his resume in local talent bank. “Jim Swank has done an outstanding job with product inspections, assuring quality, root problem solving and looking for ways to improve manufacturing” stated Bill Dobbins President of Caster Concepts, “Jim has become a key part of our production team.” When asked, Jim will tell you that the best part about his job is the satisfaction that he receives from completing large, complex orders.

When he isn’t busy working Jim is usually spending time with his three daughters ages 10, 11, and 14 or doing DIY projects around the house. He also enjoys applying his quick judgement and problem solving skills at the poker table.

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