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Jesse Wilson

Jesse Wilson

Please join us in welcoming Jesse Wilson to his new role of Marketing Assistant. Jesse is no stranger to Caster Concepts, he completed an internship here while achieving his Bachelor of Arts at Albion College, in Communications with a focus in marketing and sales.   

Caster Concepts President, Bill Dobbins also graduated from Albion College and values internship programs. To Bill, “Internships aren’t about business, they are about helping these kids develop and grow”. From a business point of view, internships are not cost effective, but they are a great way to help the community, the college and most of all the student. Every once in a while, we are fortunate enough to gain a permanent member to the team, as we did in this case with Jesse.

Jesse’s willingness to take on any challenge, and give it his best effort, are great qualities that make him a welcome member of the team. That is why he was offered a position directly after finishing his internship.  When asked what he enjoys about his experience at Caster Concepts, he explains “I enjoy learning the many programs and newer technologies Caster Concepts uses to carry out its marketing operations, I also find that every day presents new challenges and I enjoy finding ways to overcome those challenges”.

Jesse was born in Bradenton, Florida and moved to Concord, Michigan when he was in 4th grade. He grew up playing football at Concord high school, fell in love with the game which led him to then play at Albion College. In his free time, Jesse enjoys fishing, golfing, and coaching defensive line at Concord high school. Jesse looks forward to growing and developing his career at Caster Concepts.

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