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Casey Saunders

Casey Saunders

If you’re no stranger to Caster Concepts, then you will most likely be getting to know Casey Saunders very soon. She’s the newest member of the Caster Concepts sales team, and she will be the kind voice taking your calls and informing you about your orders. Casey is our new customer service representative and is tasked with caring for the customer once the order is placed. This includes the task of entering a huge percentage of our orders, as well as fielding many customer calls and questions, and providing post sale support.

While Casey is new to Caster Concepts, her previous job with her family company has prepared her well for her current role. Before joining CCI, Casey sold modular homes in Coldwater Michigan. Here she was able to get a grasp on how sales team’s operate and the processes that are vital to completing sales. Her experience has provided her the skills that make her a great addition to our sales team.

Before beginning her career with her father’s company, she attended Coldwater High School, and then followed up her education at Baker College. She joined Caster Concepts recently in effort to apply her skills in a new field, and to allow her to work closer to home. Working closer to home allows her the opportunity to focus on her family and her hobbies. Casey owns and operates an Etsy shop in which she makes and sells her own jewelry. She uses different gemstones in order to craft her own necklaces, earrings, and bracelets that she then sells on Etsy. Casey has really developed a knack for interacting and working with her customers in all facets of the sales process.

When Casey isn’t taking care of our beloved customers, or creating and selling her jewelry, she is taking care of her loving family as she is the mother of 2 of her own children and 2 stepchildren. Her four children consist of Cameron, Amber, Hailee, and Travis, aged 17, 15, 13, and 12 respectively. She is also engaged to her fiance Nathan Paugh, who is currently attending school, majoring in criminal justice. 

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