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New 87 Series, Heavy Duty Maintenance Free Casters for Industrial Applications

September 4, 2014 By: Bill deMink

New 87 Series, Heavy Duty Maintenance Free Casters for Industrial Applications

Caster Concepts is pleased to introduce the new 87 Series Caster. Designed for cost effective performance in heavy duty settings, the 87 Series’ are durable, maintenance free, industrial casters that will perform in the most abusive applications and a variety of manufacturing environments. The 87 Series is an ergonomic, and economic, option for heavy-duty industrial applications. The 87 Series incorporates Caster Concepts maintenance free design to carry a load evenly over a radially loaded precision ball bearing. It incorporates a forged steel top-plate to stabilize the bearing and a precision machined yoke base to give a long lasting durable performance.

Features of the 87 Series casters include:

•             6-12” wheel diameters

•             Heavy duty maintenance free precision ball bearing

•             Legs formed and welded inside and out for maximum strength

•             5,000 lbs capacity

Using sealed precision ball bearings with hardened raceways and neoprene seals, the 87 Series provide seamless movement for a wide variety of production and manufacturing uses.

87 Series not what you’re looking for? Check out our full line of options for industrial casters. Design the exact caster for your needs on our Custom Configurator including the options you need, and download a 3D model.

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