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What advantage do dual wheel casters provide vs. single wheel casters for heavy loads?

March 18, 2014

What advantage do dual wheel casters provide vs. single wheel casters for heavy loads?

When selecting a caster for heavy loads. It is always best to ask yourself the following questions.

  • What is the total weight being carried?
  • Are you towing or pushing mechanically, or trying to move the equipment by hand?
  • How often will you be moving it?
  • How far will it be moved?
  • At what speed will it be moved?
  • Do you have specific size restrictions? For example: overall height?

There are many advantages in using a dual wheel caster vs. a single wheel for heavy loads. And the questions above will help you decide what to use.

Dual wheel casters can carry much more weight than a single wheel. And you can use a smaller wheel diameter to keep the overall height lower if needed. Also, the dual wheel design makes it easier to move. It takes less force to get a dual wheel swivel caster to change directions, so it will improve the ergonomics. Dual wheel casters tend to have a longer life because of their specific design for carrying heavier loads. They are also better in applications where it is important that you do not damage your floor. With a dual wheel caster, you are still able to use a polyurethane tire vs. a forged steel wheel on a single wheel caster. In many cases two poly wheels can handle the same load as a single wheel forged steel caster.

The important part when deciding to use a dual wheel vs. a single wheel caster is understanding your application and what you are trying to accomplish. Even if you feel comfortable with a particular style of caster (single or dual), it is always best to have a conversation with your Caster Concepts sales engineer for an expert analysis and application specific referral prior to purchase.

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