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Custom Casters Help to Bring Dream Yachts Into Reality

Custom Casters Help to Bring Dream Yachts Into Reality

A major manufacturer of marine products was designing a heavy duty deck dolly to move a prototyped component of a new 68′ luxury boat through their facility. Having the ability to build larger products would be a game-changer for this manufacturer.

Moving the prototype through the facility wasn’t working because it was such a tight fit; the production spaces weren’t designed to handle such a large component. They risked damaging the prototype or their equipment in the process of production.



Rather than abandoning the project, they found Caster Concepts by searching online for “custom casters”.

The Caster Concepts team of engineers designed a custom heavy duty caster solution to keep their prototype moving in and out of what previously seemed like imaginably tight spaces.



In this case, the final product was a set of zero lead dual wheel casters with 16-position wheel locks.

Once the caster were installed on the deck dolly the prototype danced through the manufacturing facility – even the tight spaces – with ease. Design work continues to be completed on the prototype.


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