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Custom – Built to Spec

Whether the need is for a unique solution to a very unique challenge, or simply modifying a caster out of our catalog, we can EASILY accommodate your custom requirements. All of our casters are built-to-order and to exact specifications. Our flexible manufacturing process enables us to build exactly what is needed for the application.

We do not follow the cookie cutter manufacturing system that all other caster manufacturer’s use, limiting you to what they have in stock. Our state of the art manufacturing facilities enable us to perform all major functions in house, including polyurethane processing. Enabling us to build to exact specifications with high precision and tight tolerances.

We offer engineering design services, as well as our custom configurator to provide CAD models that can easily be integrated into your models. The configurator allows for modification of our standard offerings and applies the changes immediately, providing an instantly viewable and downloadable model.

      Online CAD Model tool

  1. Enables customization of one of thousands of existing models
  2. Download models in one of over 50 formats, ensuring compatibility with your design application

      Engineering Design Services

  1. Our engineering team will work with you to design the exact caster needed
  2. Provide a model in a format that easily integrates into your design
  3. Provide years of experience, identifying issues that may be overlooked


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