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Bulk Handling

Bulk Handling Conveyor Products

When it comes to bulk material handling solutions, our state-of-the-art measuring and inspection equipment ensures that our drive rollers, idle rollers and polyurethane V-rollers are designed to exact specifications to help keep your operations running smoothly.

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Drive Rollers

Conveyor Concept’s chain-driven drive rollers can move the heaviest weights and can be customized to fit nearly any application.

Our vast range of manufacturing capabilities allow us to machine conveyor drive rollers to your exact specifications as well as provide the exact coating needed for a specific application including paint, powder coating and TECTYCL 542.

Idle Rollers

These heavy-duty steel idle rollers are designed to withstand the most demanding applications and can be used on straight and curved conveyors under the heaviest loads. Our engineering expertise and flexible design process allow us to machine conveyor roller parts to your exact specifications as well as provide the exact coating needed for the application including paint, powder coating, and TECTYL 542.

Polyurethane V-Rollers

Polyurethane v-rollers are commonly used in operations that require moving boats or tubing. When you’re looking for some of the best rollers for polyurethane, you’ll discover that we have a wide variety of custom polyurethane V-rollers to meet your needs. Our top of the line equipment and industry leading engineers give us the capabilities to formulate the exact polyurethane needed for your application and we machine our parts to the most exact tolerances.

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