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Come See How One Distributor Used our Polyurethane Sprockets

Come See How One Distributor Used our Polyurethane Sprockets

Here at Caster Concepts, we specialize in creating some of the world’s most unique casters and caster wheel systems for a variety of industries. However, they can also do much more – including keeping conveyors running with fewer maintenance issues and less downtime. One case study focuses on how the company helped a leading distributor solve conveyor problems with polyurethane sprockets.

What Is a Sprocket?

A sprocket is much like a gear in that engages the links of some sort of chain or even other sprockets to create momentum. They are commonly found in conveyor belts to move the belt forward and back. Different types of sprockets are designed to support different amounts of weight, and sizing is also critical to their function. Each tooth of the sprocket must fit inside the chain perfectly to keep things moving along the track and prevent breakdowns or downtime.

The Client’s Issue

A leading distributor used long conveyor belts to move women’s clothing through a massive distribution center. Though the sprockets they had certainly got the job done, the distributor felt as if the sprockets failed far too quickly, creating too much downtime and inhibiting their productivity. With each failure, the conveyor came to a halt and remained at a standstill until workers could replace it and get things moving again. This distributor contacted our team for assistance in creating a more durable, longer-lasting sprocket for their conveyor system.

How Caster Concepts Helped

Caster Concepts took a look at the client’s current sprockets and realized that the materials weren’t durable enough to stand up to regular use. In fact, over time, the client’s existing sprockets were breaking at the tooth, making it almost impossible for the conveyors to run. To solve this issue, we were able to adjust the concentrations of polymers in the sprockets to make them far more durable from the start. Then, they chose to coat the sprockets in hard polyurethane, which virtually eliminated breakage and made for far longer-lasting sprockets.

Choosing Caster Concepts to Solve Unique Problems

We employ various teams that work together to solve your unique problems, regardless of your industry. In this unique case, Reaction Industries, Machining, and even Engineering teams all came together to observe the existing issue and brainstorm ways of resolving it. In the end, it was possible to keep the sprocket the same size, but improve its quality and coating to prevent any further breakages down the line. As a result, the company now enjoys a more productive working facility, less downtime, and more peace of mind. Switching to sprockets by Caster Concepts will likely even save the company money over time by drastically reducing downtime and improving productivity.

Sprockets can be found in a variety of industries. Sometimes, they’re used to power conveyor belts, just as in this example. However, when the sprockets aren’t strong enough to do their jobs, this can cause issues and delay production. Our team excels at creating products designed to last for many years to come.

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