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Manufacturing Industrial Casters

Industrial manufacturing has some of the most demanding efficiency goals of any industry type. To meet these demands, having the right manufacturing industrial casters is a necessity. Efficiency and productivity is critical, while protecting the load being transported is just as important. Transporting industrial products throughout the manufacturing process can be extremely challenging, since there are the obvious concerns of scratching, denting or causing other damage issues.   Being one of the most recognized industrial caster wheels manufacturers, Caster Concepts is proud to offer several lines of heavy duty industrial casters that can help achieve productivity, safety and efficiency goals that this industry is challenged with.

Caster Concepts is proud to offer several lines of casters that can help achieve productivity, safety and efficiency goals that this industry is challenged with.


CasterShoX® casters have the ability to reduce workplace noise to levels that are safer for all
employees. CasterShoX® work great for transporting fragile components or products where repeated
shocks may damage the components.  CasterShoX® offer cost effective noise reduction, shock absorption
and vibration control to ensure the safety of your cargo, and your employees.

  • Achieves up to 90% Noise Reduction
  • Reduces Shock Loads up to 80%
  • 1,000 lb Capacity per Caster

TWERGO® Wheels

Ergonomic wheels that achieve an average of 25% reduction in initial push force, reducing the risk of
injury, while increasing productivity. Patented face design with split-wheel design, achieves ergonomic
benefits no other wheel can, and saving energy on powered applications.

  • Reduce the amount of force needed to maneuver the cart
  • Diminish the amount of injuries that stem from overexertion
  • Increase productivity levels for cart operators

Drive Caster™

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Drive Caster™

The Drive Caster™ is designed to move tons easily and efficiently, while offering the flexibility to
integrate into a variety of applications, above and beyond industrial carts and racks. This motor driven
caster, is powered by a 1/4hp or 1/2hp electric motor, that can move up to 5,000lbs total weight per caster.

  • The industry’s first motor powered industrial caster
  • Can easily be integrated into most carts, racks and carriers
  • Great for heavy load applications

Conversion Drive Caster

The Conversion Drive Caster converts your existing material handling carts into Motor Powered Carts, 
quickly and easily. Simply remove one swivel caster and bolt in the Conversion Drive Caster and away
you go. Can be used in almost any setting where a manually pushed cart was previously used to move
loads up to 5,000lbs.

  • Convert existing carts into powered carts
  • Fully integrated solution
  • Virtually eliminate risk of overexertion injuries
  • Reduce operators needed to move heavy loads.

Case Studies

Our case studies page features many stories from our customers about how we went beyond standard and 
crafted the perfect caster for their unique applications. We’ve highlighted a few case studies below:

Take a look at how our Drive Caster™ improved production and opened up opportunity at this food company.

Come see how our Drive Caster™ and a V-Groove wheel was able to improve this manufacturer’s testing machine.

Custom Casters

Unique challenges require custom solutions, solutions that are built to exact specifications. Our flexible
manufacturing process enables us to build the exact caster for your needs. If you don’t find the exact caster
for your needs, take a look at our custom CAD configurator, or contact us and we will design and build the
exact caster for your needs.

  • All of our casters are built-to-order and to exact specifications. 
  • We don’t follow the cookie cutter manufacturing system used by other caster manufacturers
  • We offer engineering design services as well as our custom configurator.
  • Design custom CAD models that can easily be integrated into your models.
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