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TWERGO® – The Ultimate Ergonomic Caster


TWERGO® unique tread thickness minimizes
friction and eliminates scrubbing and sliding when turning, while providing the impact resistance of normal wheels.

The multiple wheel design is anchored by a robust spanner that improves on existing wheel designs. The wheel hub features aluminum die-cast cores for maximum strength.


All wheels rotate independently of each other. The casters have a very long tread life and are maintenance free. They are easy to start with a minimum rolling resistance.


Caster Concepts has developed an exciting new motion solution – TWERGO® wheel (Multiple Wheel Ergonomic). Designed for a wide variety of industrial applications, casters that utilize TWERGO® wheels provide easier movement of loaded carts or vehicles.

Discover What TWERGO® Can Do For You


TWERGO® our patented, ergonomic caster wheel with multiple wheel- in-one design, achieves reduced initial and continuous push force, as well as force exerted to turn. TWERGO® Twin and Triple wheel designs have independently spinning wheels that can rotate in either direction at any rate, minimizing friction when turning and maneuvering. Ideal for long Tugger trains because TWERGO® minimizes friction when turning.

TWERGO® delivers where other wheels can’t, not only can TWERGO® handle heavy loads, it reduces the amount of energy needed to move them, making TWERGO® the ideal wheel for heavier manual and powered applications. TWERGO® not only saves muscle power, it saves battery power as well.

TWERGO® The ultimate ergonomic caster wheels

TWERGO® is the ultimate ergonomic caster because it can reduce initial and continuous push force by an average of 25%, with some users even reporting as much as a 50% reduction in push force. TWERGO® wheels achieve ergonomic benefits in several ways, independently rotating wheels, patented parabolic face design and tapered tread material. Most ergonomic casters achieve ergonomic benefits by tapering the tread material, which means as the tread material wears, the ergonomic benefits diminish greatly!

With TWERGO® that benefits are mechanical, engineered by design. The parabolic face design is so innovative, its patented. The independently rotating dual multiple wheel in one design achieves significant reductions force exerted while turning, and greatly reduces scrubbing and the risk or marking up flooring.

TWERGO® wheels are designed to last longer, with aluminum cores that wont rust or corrode, maintenance free precision sealed bearings that never need greasing and less scrubbing on the tread material means less wear.

In addition to ergonomic benefits, TWERGO® wheels can help increase productivity, when compared to conventional industrial caster wheels, TWERGO® achieves an average of 25% reduction in push force, which means the load on the cart could be increased, while still achieving lower force exertion.

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