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Caster Concepts to Unveil Expanded Ergonomic Product Line at ProMat in Chicago

March 29, 2017 By: Dallis Reynolds

Come see our new higher capacity ergonomic rig and new ergonomic accessories at booth #S2774 and attend the press conference at 11:15 a.m. on Monday, April 3.

Albion, MI – Caster Concepts Inc. ( will showcase three additions to its ErgoMaxx line of ergonomic products (including heavy-duty industrial casters, rigs, wheels and accessories) at ProMat 2017, April 2-5 in Chicago.

Also debuting will be the Foot-Actuated Brake and a Foot-Actuated Swivel Lock, both providing relief from common workplace injuries caused by the bending, reaching, twisting and turning required to engage traditional caster brakes and swivel locks. Exertions and bodily injuries due to twisting, bending, reaching and other movements cost U.S. businesses over $4 billion annually, according to the 2016 Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index.

“Our ergonomic products are designed to address three of the 10 leading causes of injuries in the workplace, totaling over $20 billion in direct annual costs to U.S. businesses,” said Dr. William Dobbins, president and CEO of Caster Concepts and a physician. “We’re not taking anything away from productivity. In fact, we’re giving our customers safety that produces results in the workplace.”

With the development and launch of the Series 77 Rig, Caster Concepts has expanded its  maintenance free product line  to include an ergonomic rig that supports up to 3,500 pounds and wheels up to 10-inch diameter, and as wide as three inches. This new rig, when combined with a TWERGO® wheel, provides an ergonomic solution with a higher weight capacity and increased productivity, while reducing the risk of injury.

Caster Concepts will also debut two foot actuated products, a brake that stops wheels from rolling, and a swivel lock  that when applied, keeps swivel casters from rotating. The Foot-Actuated Brake and the Foot-Actuated Swivel Lock are both designed to reduce the risk of injury to the operator. Both systems feature a foot pedal situated in an easy-to-reach fixed location. The pedal on the Swivel Lock will never rotate under a cart, ensuring immediate, safe and easy access.

The Foot-Actuated Brake and Swivel Lock Brake include the following unique design features:

  • Complete elimination of cart movement (when both are combined)
  • Quick engagement and disengagement
  • Foot activation, eliminating the need to bend, stretch or reach
  • Increased braking capacity by adding multiple brakes to the casters on the cart
  • Stationary placement of the swivel lock, which eliminates the need for bending and searching for pedals that have rotated under the cart.

Caster Concepts engineers relied on customer input to design each device and improve worker safety. Traditionally, brakes on casters have been designed with levers that are hard to reach because they have rotated under the cart, requiring the operator to reach farther, bend and twist more, and increase the risk of injury. 

“Our Foot-Actuated Brake and Foot-Actuated Swivel Lock provide substantial safety benefits to employees,” Dobbins said. “Operators have been injured by carts that shift even when in park, and while bending down to search for the brake lever that’s hard to reach. We have completely eliminated both of these concerns.”

The Series 77 Maintenance-Free rig, Foot-Actuated Brake and Foot-Actuated Swivel Lock, along with the company’s full line of ergonomic and noise-reduction casters, will be on display at ProMat, booth #S2774. The company will host a press conference at 11:15 a.m. on Monday, April 3, to discuss its latest innovations.

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