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Case Study: Reducing Push Pull Force

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US Automakers hold themselves to very high standards when it comes to safety, including ergonomics. They realize that injuries due to overexertion are the most common injuries in the workplace, and that those injuries can be detrimental in various ways including, negative impact on moral, increased employee absence and rising health care costs. While there is not a government regulation to comply to, US Automakers have essentially adapted the standards set by the “Snook Tables” to minimize the risk of injuries.

A major US automobile manufacturer needed to reduce the initial push force for its line delivery carts that had loads of approximately 1,800 lbs. The initial push force for those carts was 41 lbs. The automakers goals was 32 lbs. of initial push force as some of the operators were struggling to push these carts.

In searching for a solution to their problem, an engineer with the automaker found Caster Concepts and asked their engineers to address the issue.

The engineering team suggested Caster Concepts 57 series rigs and TWERGO® wheels. The swivel lead was extended, thus reducing force needed to start rolling when wheels were not parallel.

The initial push/pull force of the carts was reduced to 32 lbs. of pressure, which resulted in reduced risk of injury and happier operators. The repercussions of the decision to replace the old casters with the Caster Concepts product led to better morale among operators and provided a buffer against rising health care costs.

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