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Case Study: Oil Refinery Testing System

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A manufacturer of testing systems for oil refineries developed an equipment testing machine for testing valves on oil pipelines. The test machine utilizes large steel plates that are 4 feet in diameter and weigh about 3000 lbs. These plates move back and forth on a track approximately 9 feet long. As you can imagine, moving large 3000 lbs. plates would require a great amount of force from multiple people. The manufacturer needed a better way to move these plates on the testing machine.

The manufacturer found Caster Concepts through an Internet search. Caster Concepts designed a comprehensive solution for the testing machine that would allow these two plates to move easier than their current setup. Caster Concepts created an angle bracket to support the plates, then mounted a Drive Caster™ to each plate along with a V grooved wheel to guide the movement on a track.

The Drive Caster™ and engineered angle bracket provided the effortless means to move the plates much more efficiently. In fact, the ease of movement made the process of testing equipment more efficient, resulting in shorter testing times and allowing for more tests in a given period.

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