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Case Study: Noise Issues Reduced by CasterShox®

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Noise issues in the workplace can be a major issue in manufacturing facilities and can cause major long-term hearing problems for employees that are exposed to high decibel levels for extended periods of time.

This is why a major US automaker set out to build a manufacturing plant that would be as quiet as possible. The manufacturer utilized almost every possible tool and method to reduce noise generated by equipment, machinery and standard processes in the plant.

They noticed that their material handling carts produced the highest amount of noise in the facility, so reducing the noise emitted from the carts became their main goal. Noise levels do not compound to create greater noise – the loudest sound supersedes the lower decibel sounds.

The manufacturer tested several options that included spring-loaded casters, various wheel materials and padding, but opted to use CasterShox® as they achieved the greatest reduction of noise on the carts.

Noise Reducing

The key result in this case study is not that noise reduction was achieved, but how much noise reduction was achieved. The CasterShoX® products achieved an average of 10 decibel reduction when compared to other casters that were tested. The OSHA regulation on Workplace Noise 1910.95 states that every increase of 5 decibels reduces employees maximum continuous exposure time by 50%. Therefore, a 10 decibel reduction can result in as much as six additional hours of continuous exposure for each employee.

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