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Helping an Automobile Manufacturer Develop a Forklift-Free Facility

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The Situation:

An automobile manufacturer wanted to move toward a forklift-free facility. Their goal was to reduce operational and maintenance costs as well as improve workplace safety by reducing injuries. As the process was implemented, the manufacturer quickly realized that industrial carts were going to play a huge role due to their versatility and efficiency.

To realize the benefits they were looking for, the carts needed casters that were durable,  easy to roll, and that featured quiet operation.

The Solution: ErgoMaxx™ 57 Series Caster Rig with Round Balloon Tread

The manufacturer found Caster Concepts online and was intrigued by the ergonomic benefits of the ErgoMaxx™ maintenance-free caster. Caster Concepts encouraged the manufacturer to perform some rigorous testing in their facility with the ErgoMaxx™ 57 Series Caster.

Not only did the caster require 25% less force to move the loaded carts, but cart noise was also reduced.  With all the benefits achieved, it soon became clear that ErgoMaxx™ maintenance-free casters were the clear ergonomic choice  The manufacturer has standardized the use of this caster within their facility and continues to work closely with the team at Caster Concepts to solve their mobility issues.

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