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Case Study: Heavy-Duty Dolly Issues in Automotive Facility

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An automotive manufacturer was having difficulty controlling the steering and excessive noise of a heavy duty dolly used in their facility. These issues were leading to inefficiencies and safety issues in the facility as the hard-to-manage dollies were not only difficult to manage but would also risk damage to their surroundings. Furthermore, because the current caster rigs on the dollies were not equipped for the task, the life expectancy of the equipment was decreased, leading to higher replacement costs.

The engineers at the plant discovered Caster Concepts’ specialization in improving movement in manufacturing facilities and presented them with the dolly problems.

The Caster Concepts engineering team developed the solution: a shock absorbing caster with a T/R compound wheel to quiet the process as well as a caster equipped with a sprocket to allow the caster to be steered. Caster Concepts was able to reduce the noise by using a shock absorbing caster as well as the T/R compound wheel. To correct the steering issue Caster Concepts welded sprockets to the yoke base to allow the casters to be steered and provide truer tracking of the dollies.

The solution meant better and more efficient handling of the dollies and the operators and surrounding employees appreciated the noise reduction from the new and improved caster rigs.

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