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Case Study: Durable Conveyor Belt Sprockets Eliminate Facility Downtime

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A leading women’s clothing distributor used long conveyor belts to move product through a massive distribution center. The sprockets that they were using we certainly working, however, the distributor felt that the sprockets were failing far too quickly. This issue slowed productivity by shutting down the conveyor so new sprockets could be installed.

While searching for an alternative sprocket for their conveyor belt, the distributor found Caster Concepts and began working with their engineering team to find a solution.

The Caster Concepts engineering team found that the materials in the current sprockets were not durable enough to stand up to regular use. The problem was so bad that the existing sprockets were breaking at the tooth, quickly disabling the conveyors and halting productivity.

Caster Concepts, in conjunction with its in-house polyurethane operation Reaction Industries and its machining and engineering teams, developed a sprocket that was far more durable. The solution included different concentrations of polymers in the sprockets themselves that were then coated in hard polyurethane. This change of approach virtually eliminated breakage of the sprocket teeth.

The facility was able to replace the old sprockets with something exactly the same size and now enjoys the use of a conveyor belt with far less issues and thus far less downtime and far more productivity.

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