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Case Study: Custom Heavy-Duty Casters and Exceptional Client Support

We Build Trust

Building trust has always been a tenet of Caster Concepts business. So when an American manufacturer of Automation Systems is let down by a competitor’s product and customer support, it provides the perfect opportunity for Caster Concepts’ product and people to shine.

The manufacturer of Automation Systems was contracted by a Japanese coal mining company to build a turntable that handles up to 600,000 lbs. of coal as well as the weight of the turntable.

The original casters that were built to specifications by another caster manufacturer failed and the manufacturer did not provide adequate support for their product.

Searching for an alternative, Caster Concepts was contacted. The engineering team at Caster Concepts worked closely with the turntable manufacturer and developed two custom caster models to support the load and unique shape of the base of the turntable. Key pressure points were identified and supported with shorter casters while the taller casters carried most of the load.

Not only did the Caster Concepts’ casters work, but the client had now found a manufacturer that could provide exceptional product and support for their unique situation.

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