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Case Study: Custom Dual Flanged Wheels Eliminate Stability and Safety Issues

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A customer was having trouble moving a cart along a rail. The existing cart had four V-groove wheels in each corner. The load of the cart was over 2,500 lbs. The issues with the current situation were 1) the force necessary to move the cart was troubling, 2) there were many times when the wheel would bind on the rail and the cart would come off the rail causing downtime and damage to the contents of the cart, and 3) the customer was concerned with the safety of its employees around this cart and its problems.

The customer found Caster Concepts while searching online and approached their engineers for a solution.

The Caster Concepts engineering team developed a special dual-flanged wheel to accommodate the inherent variations that are present in a track situation.

The new design completely eliminated the cart binding issues and allowed for smooth operation of the cart. Efficiency and safety dramatically increased because of the improved design as well. The customer ended up changing all of their carts’ wheels to this new design because they were completely satisfied with the solution.

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