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Case Study: Conversion Drive Caster® Aides in Boat Building

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A leading manufacturer of boats and yachts was having an issue moving a large cart of dies and castings from their press area to the facility’s stamping area. This not only caused a bottleneck but also increased the chance of overexertion injuries to the employees.

The carts were moved lengthwise down a long hallway. They then needed to make a 90° left turn without turning the cart. The wheels on the cart needed to make the change of direction on their own. Maneuvering the cart was difficult because one of the hallways was narrow. The company’s employees tried various ideas — including having multiple people push the carts, pushing the cart with a forklift, and even using straps to pull and guide the cart while other employees pushed. Needless to say, this was an inefficient process that risked injuring the employees during the transportation process.

The company found Caster Concepts through an online search. The Caster Concepts engineering team surveyed the facility and concluded that the best solution was the implementation of two Conversion Drive Casters.® This allowed for a high level of steering control when maneuvering in the restricting space. The Conversion Drive Casters were implemented on the tail ends of the carts.

The carts could now be moved with precision by only two employees instead of several. Perhaps more importantly, the risk of injury due to overexertion was eliminated, as was the bottleneck in productivity. Operators were pleased that such a grueling task could now be completed much easier.

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