In the quest for products that deliver better ergonomics, the Material Handling Industry welcomed innovations like a motor-powered cart. These carts help operators transport goods from storage areas to assembly lines with less effort and fewer injuries.

The need for this product was clear.  The pushing, pulling and turning of manual carts requires operators to exert greater energy than simply pushing the cart forward. This labor-intensive process also created a bottleneck in the transportation process.

To compensate, loads must be light enough for operators to manually push without the risk of injury due to overexertion. The downside is that it takes more loads to accomplish the same goal. And starting an industrial cart from a dead stop – when we exert the “initial push force” – can be the most challenging operation of all.

The towable, motorized, and easily customized Drive Cart.

This where material handling innovations like the Drive Cart come in. The motor-powered Drive Cart eliminates manual pushing and pulling and can move up to 10,000 lbs.

The Drive Cart is also equipped for long-distance transport. A switch or positioning of the tow hook easily engages or disengages the motor, a feature that allows utilization of the Drive Cart at higher speeds with a tugger or AGV. This makes it easy to maneuver from the tugger train to the work area, eliminating a major constraint in material transport.

The wheels that go on these carts are also an important consideration, especially when moving heavy loads.
At Caster Concepts, we have developed a complete line of products including TWERGO® and TWERGO® Lite wheels, ERGOXCEL™ Rigs and ErgoTread Polyurethane to reduce energy exerted by cart operators, and energy consumed by powered applications.

Our engineering team can design carts to meet existing specifications or retrofit the drive system onto existing carts. We can also fabricate carts with integrated electrical, hydraulic and mechanical systems, ensuring the exact cart for your needs.