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The Drive Caster, exclusively from Caster Concepts, is cutting-edge and innovative technology at its finest. It is the first industrial motor-powered caster of its kind, and it is designed to move some of the world’s heaviest imaginable loads quickly and easily, without the risk of injury.

Moving Huge Amounts of Weight

Motor-powered drive casters are perfect for applications requiring the movement of incredibly heavy loads by only one operator. These casters can support up to 2000 pounds of load each, and they can tow up to 5000 pounds each. This means that a cart with four casters can easily support four tons of load or tow more than double that amount. Remember that doubling the casters on each corner of the load also doubles those capacities.

Safety First

When it comes to moving massive amounts of weight, safety is always a concern. Some facilities still require two, three, or more people to move heavy loads, but casters powered by motors can improve safety and productivity at the same time. With the motors, these casters stop and start on their own, meaning only one operator is required to properly guide the cart or rack and work the motor to ensure the load moves safely. There is less risk of exertion injury, and because fewer people are needed to move the load, more people can keep busy with other tasks.

How it Works

The drive caster system is self-contained, which means the caster and motor are built into the very same unit. This makes it easy for you to retrofit all your existing equipment quickly and begin reaping the benefits of drive casters immediately. If you are using automation to move your loads on rails or tracks, encoders are available. What’s more, we have even designed their drive casters with innovative suspension, so you can move loads weighing multiple tons across uneven surfaces without fear of shifting or vibration. All you need is a control module and a battery to move tons of weight effortlessly.

When to Consider Industrial Drive Casters

Industrial drive casters can be utilized in a variety of scenarios. They are perfect for traditional carts and racks in manufacturing facilities, but they can also be used on dollies, turntables, platforms, machinery, and moving walls, as well. If your facility could benefit from additional peace of mind, better worker morale, and improved productivity, then motor powered casters could be the solution for you. They are flexible enough for you to integrate into almost any application you can imagine, both indoor and outdoor, regardless of your industry.

Motor powered drive casters from us can revolutionize the way you run your business by reducing the risk of injury, reducing employees’ workloads, boosting their morale, and even improving efficiency. If it takes two or more people to move a load, a drive caster can reduce that necessity down to one and make your workplace far more productive than you ever thought possible.