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When boatyards need to transport their boats through their facilities or into storage for the season, they use caster wheels with a variety of special features. Often used with dollies, these heavy-duty wheels make transporting boats safe and easy.

The Right Suspension

When moving these beautiful beasts, one of the most important things to consider is protecting the outer hull during transport. After all, brand-new boats can be worth several hundred thousand dollars (and in some cases into the millions).

Boatyards often choose Modern Suspension Casters because of their fully independent suspension on the dual wheel series. These heavy-duty, shock-absorbing casters are also corrosion resistant and can withstand the harsh environments found in shipyards and other marine facilities.

The Fanatics for Pneumatic Wheels

Pneumatic wheels are also a good choice when boats need to be moved outdoors across uneven surfaces. While they can’t match the shock-absorbing qualities of the Modern Suspension Casters, the pneumatic tires do provide extra cushioning. This allows the boats to move more safely and prevents any sudden jarring.

Drive Casters Conversion Drive Casters

For boats that weigh several tons, a motorized caster is one of the best solutions. In this case, boatyards often invest in drive or conversion drive casters. Drive casters are efficient, and they are motor-driven. And automating the process greatly reduced or eliminated initial push force altogether. A conversion drive caster converts traditional carts into motor-powered carts by simply swapping out the caster.

Case in Point. A major manufacturer of marine products was designing a heavy-duty deck dolly to move a prototyped component of a new 68′ luxury boat through their facility. The Caster Concepts team of engineers designed a custom caster solution to keep their prototype moving in and out of what previously seemed like imaginably tight spaces.

Custom Casters

The case study above is just one example of where a custom caster was developed to get a specific task done efficiently and safely.

Boatyards often find themselves moving some pretty heavy equipment, machinery, and of course boats regularly, but no two scenarios are exactly the same. Caster Concepts has a variety of caster types to ensure you get the right casters and products for your needs.