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Spring loaded caster from caster conceptsMany users see casters as a commodity and the only differentiating factor is price. For some applications that may work fine and cheaper is truly better. At Caster Concepts, we believe that your casters are truly key parts of your business and that getting the exact caster you need is very important. That is why when you contact our customer service staff they are going to ask you questions so that we are sure we are getting exactly what you need. Each application has its own unique attributes, requiring a purpose-driven solution.

Capacity, speed, and working environment are just a few of the factors to consider to assure that you are purchasing a caster that provides you with durability and long-lasting efficiency. Today’s industrial workplace demands ease of motion and efficiency while assuring human safety.

Caster Concepts provides full service, engineering design, and integrated manufacturing of industrial casters and wheels to meet both unique and traditional needs. If a standard caster configuration will work for your application, then that is what you should get. If a standard configuration is not optimized for the application then why should you settle for a product that is “almost what you need.”

Optimizing Products to Meet Your Needs

Working closely with industrial engineers and end users to understand application requirements, Caster Concepts can optimize product(s) that meets your needs, including but not limited to noise reduction, push/pull ergonomic and durability/life cycles for your application. Our ISO 9001 factory is highly integrated, allowing us to produce casters and wheels in-house with exceptional on-time delivery (OTD) and quality at competitive pricing.

• We exist to improve manufacturing productivity. If we do not add value to our customers’ operations, we do not have a reason to exist. This customer focus is the heart of our culture.

• Our applications engineers strive to understand our customers’ applications We view our team as strategic partners to improve our customers’ material handling processes

• Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to quickly and efficiently produce any size caster when you need it.

• Our support team is dedicated to ensuring our customers receive flawless support and rapid response to all inquiries

If you are from the “old school” where special and custom casters were not only outrageously expensive, they took months to get them shipped. Think again. Today’s custom and special caster by Caster Concepts are cost competitive and deliverable in the time frame you need them. Custom casters are critical to safe, efficient material handling.

If your existing casters do not meet your or your employee’s expectations – our caster application professionals can assist you in specifying a solution for your application. Our caster configurator enables you (purchasing agent to engineer) to design and download drawings for both standard and customer caster designs that meet your exact specifications. Got a question regarding Custom Casters vs Standard Casters? Our application engineers are available at 888-972-9861 or email