If you regularly move loads in extremely hot temperatures – or even if you need to move loads in and out of ovens or furnaces – not just any caster will get the job done. In this case, you will need to be diligent when it comes to selecting materials and features that will keep your employees safe and extend the life of your casters. Fortunately, forged steel offers these benefits and others.

What Is Forged Steel?

Forged steel is an alloy comprised of iron mixed with carbon to enhance its overall strength and tensile durability. There are several types of forged steel, including:

  • Drawn-Out Steel: This process increases the alloy’s length but shortens the width in the process.
  • Upset Steel: This is the exact opposite of drawn-out steel. Here, the alloy has a longer length, but the width is significantly shortened.
  • Squeezed-In Steel: In this case, the alloy is placed into something like a mold and equal pressure is applied in all directions. This helps create a solid shape out of the forged steel.

Experts believe that forged steel was introduced in ancient Persia and China, but thanks to the different methods for forging steel, it is still one of the most commonly used metals in today’s high-tech industries. In fact, forged steel is still used in constructing huge skyscrapers; this is certainly an excellent testament to its overall durability.

What Benefits does Forged Steel Offer?

Forged steel is so popular even today because when carbon and iron are combined to create it, the resulting steel is stronger than either the carbon or the iron would have been on its own. When introduced to extremely high pressures and temperatures, both carbon and iron would crumble and deform under the pressure and heat. Forged steel holds up much more readily, and that’s why industries ranging from aeronautics and automobile manufacturing to pharmaceuticals and healthcare device manufacturers continue to rely on it to this day. Simply put, if it’s metal, forged still will more than likely make it stronger and more durable.

Forged Steel Casters

Forged steel is used in numerous industries to add strength and durability to products, and casters are certainly no exception to this rule. Made with high-carbon steel, they resist temperatures of up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit and boast a 20,000-pound max capacity per caster. To make them, Caster Concepts first heats carbon steel billets to 2400 degrees, then hammers them down into a perfectly-grained structure that vastly improves the alloy’s tensile strength and allows for tremendous capacity, even in high-temperature environments. These casters are perfect for use in ovens, furnaces, foundries, and other places where standard casters just can’t take the heat.

Finding the right caster for high-temp applications can be problematic, especially if you need those casters to have a high impact strength, a huge load capacity, and incredible rollability. Fortunately, you can request a quote for classic forged steel casters that have been precision machined by industry experts offer all these benefits and more, providing you with high-heat, high-capacity casters that will stand the test of time without sacrificing safety.