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Author: Edwin Rodriguez

An Ergonomic Wheel for Every Application

March 20, 2017 By: Edwin Rodriguez

Caster Concepts offers a complete line of Ergonomic Wheels including:   Heavy Loads Medium Loads Light Loads Wheel TWERGO TWERGO Lite Ergo-X  M...

A Change in the Color of Our TR 95

March 1, 2017 By: Edwin Rodriguez

A Change in the Color of Our TR 95
We’d like to announce that the TR-95 Tear Resistant poly is now Anthracite Grey and no longer Burnt Orange.  We’ve made this change in an eff...

Caster Concepts Marks Growth With Launch of New Website

February 20, 2017 By: Edwin Rodriguez

Michigan-based manufacturer enhances customization services with enhanced online experience. Albion, Michigan – Caster Concepts Inc. (CasterConcepts...

Pneumatic Tire Types

February 13, 2017 By: Edwin Rodriguez

Pneumatic Tire Types
You may have noticed that we are now offering a new line up of Pneumatic products and you may be wondering what are the different  Pneumatic Tire typ...

Injuries Cost over $1B Per Week

January 17, 2017 By: Edwin Rodriguez

Injuries Cost over $1B Per Week
The most disabling, non fatal Workplace injuries cost over $1 Billion per week to businesses in the United States, totaling just under $62 Billion, ac...

When to Use Pneumatic Tires

December 28, 2016 By: Edwin Rodriguez

When to Use Pneumatic Tires
Pneumatic tires, also known as Pneumatic wheels, are made of rubber and resemble automobile tires. They are primarily used for outdoor applications an...

Workplace Injuries Cause Pain to the tune of $59.9 Billion

December 1, 2016 By: Edwin Rodriguez

Workplace Injuries Cause Pain to the tune of $59.9 Billion
Did you know that the leading injury in the workplace is due to overexertion?  According to the 2017 Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index the 10 le...

Reinventing the Industrial Wheel

November 2, 2016 By: Edwin Rodriguez

Note – Industrial wheel refers to wheels used in manufacturing plants, distribution facilities and wheels carrying loads greater than 1,500lbs. ...
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