Secure and Worry-Free Workflow in Heavy Equipment Assembly.

Eliminate capacity and maintenance concerns and increase production flow from the get-go.

Outdoor Equipment Manufacturing is Built on American-Made Casters

Safer movement of large and cumbersome chassis from one production station to another

Efficient transport of components too heavy and unwieldy for a conveyor system

Extend your production area beyond the reach of overhead cranes

Lower Production Costs While Realizing Safety and Production Gains

Massive Capacity to Move Oversized Agricultural/Outdoor Equipment Efficiently

Operators now have a safe and secure way to move these massive objects, which were difficult and slow in the past.

  • Safe and Secure Movement Through Assembly Stations
  • Highly Adaptable Solutions Maximizing the Mobility of Hard-to-Move Components.
  • Flexibility to take a vehicle offline without interrupting production


Dependable Casters That Give You More Uptime and Less Maintenance – Indoors and Out

Our full line of 80-series and 90-series Heavy-Duty Casters maximize workflow between assembly stations.

  • Low Rolling Resistance Ensures Efficiency
  • Move Equipment From Indoors to Outdoors Without Issues
  • Enables Production Flow Flexibility and can be Transported by a Variety of Equipment
  •  For a Fraction of the Cost of Conveyors or Cranes, Improve Production Workflow with Super Heavy Duty Casters

Casters That Are Durable and Tough When the Going Gets Rough.

Caster Concepts’ casters designed for road construction and outdoor equipment assembly are designed to move the heaviest loads, from  2 to 100+ tons. Combine with caster accessories for higher performance and safety.

  • The Toughest, Most Durable, and Dependable Casters on the Market.
  • Built to Exceed Industry Standards for Load Capacity and Longevity
  • Swivel Locks Provide Better Tracking of Loaded Carts Over Long Distances
  • Caster Wheel Brakes Secure the Cart – Reducing Operator Strain and Preventing Carts or Racks from Moving Unexpectedly.

Popular Solutions

81 Series Casters – 10,000 lbs. Max

  • Unique single-ball race design provides a high-strength swivel section.
  • Mechanical shield protects swivel section from contamination.
  • A tough caster designed for difficult and abusive industrial applications

91 Series Casters – 20,000 lbs. Max

  • Swivel section provides strength and smooth operation when swiveling in a loaded state
  • A tough caster designed for applications where shock loading is prevalent.
  • Easier swiveling means longer lifecycles and low-cost operation.

10×4 Dual Wheel H.D. Swivel Caster – 8,400 lbs.

  • A maintenance-free powerhouse designed to excel in abusive applications
  • Casters offering the highest capacity while maintaining space efficiency.
  • Capable of absorbing excessive side thrust loading and can be used in high-speed operations

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