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MAMMOTH – Custom Casters for Your Unique and Toughest Challenges

Need to move a huge load?

Have an environment that is extremely cold or hot?

Want to add casters to a heavy machine or a ginormous piece of equipment?

NO PROBLEM, We can help!

When the challenge is so unique that only a custom caster can solve the problem, look to Caster Concepts and the Mammoth line of Custom Extreme Casters. Each Mammoth caster is designed and built specifically for the application. Our highly skilled and experienced engineering team will develop and design the solution to just about any materials movement challenge. The engineering team will gladly work with your team to ensure the best possible solution is developed for the project, not just the material being moved. Over the years, Caster Concepts has made custom extreme casters for a variety of challenges, including:

  • • Extreme cold or heat, moisture and chemicals
  • • Powered applications that required an axle for a chain, moving over 250,000lbs
  • • Dual wheels casters for a track with a capacity of 50,000lbs each caster
  • • Unique swivel section designed to achieve consistent smooth rotation for a finishing mandrel (each caster had a 35,000lb weight capacity requirement)
  • • 6 tire turtle caster to disperse weight on a crane used for replacing huge glass solar panels
  • • Dual wheel shock absorbing ergonomic casters with a weight capacity of 14,000lbs


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There are many more examples in the case studies on our website.

Caster Concepts is the only industrial caster manufacturer that has all necessary processes in house, including polyurethane processing. Our flexible manufacturing process with all resources under one roof, ensures superior quality, as there are no 3rd parties involved. Single source manufacturing eliminates the blame game and reduces production time significantly.

Turtle Casters for Glass Panel Replacement

Casters with Drive Axle for Steel Hauler (250,000lbs)


Casters for Rail Cars Under Repair

 Ergonomic Heavy Duty Shock Absorbing Caster


Coal Turn Table Weighs upto 300,000lbs loaded

Multiple Swivel Section Caster for Finishing Mandrel

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