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Employment Page

No matter how technologically advanced a business is, success is always dependent on hiring and retaining great people. At Caster Concepts we are continually looking for, interviewing and hiring the best people we can find. At times we may not have an open position and we will then create an opportunity if your talents are a fit with our business model. [..]

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In the Community Page

Caster Concepts in the Community Richard H. Dobbins, founder of Caster Concepts, emphasized the importance of companies producing high quality products for their customers while adding value to the surrounding community. Dick was actively involved in enhancing and improving opportunities for those who live in the communities that surround Albion, Michigan. Current President, William H. Dobbins, has followed in his father’s path, committed to playing an active role in the co [..]

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Consider this family of businesses when you have outsourcing opportunities. All companies are certified by ISO 9001-2008 standards and capable of meeting your needs – on time – on demand – on budget. Let us go beyond standard for you. Precision Machining Turning CNC lath [..]

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We Build Trust Page

We Build TRUST through On Time Delivery —When we give our word on delivery, we are committed to doing everything within our control to meet our promise. If situations occur, that are beyond our control, we immediately communicate the issues to the customer and re-set their expectations. We Build TRUST through Accountability —We believe in personal accountability and expect it from our team. Accountability is achieved by >closing the loop? on clear expectatio [..]

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People Page

Caster Concepts employs the finest people in the Industrial Caster and Wheel Industry. Click on the Department name for Staff Contact Information.

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Engineering Page

Conceptual Innovations is an engineering consulting service focused on delivering cost effective, cutting edge, solutions to small- and medium-sized businesses that typically do not have the resources to staff a full-time engineering team. Conceptual Innovation helps these customers modernize and be more competitive in the global m [..]

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Conceptual Innovations Page

Conceptual Innovations specializes in helping small to medium sized manufacturing companies grow by handling some of their engineering needs. Conceptual Innovations does everything from product development, finite element analysis, CAD, manufacturing documentation to creating prototypes, proof of concepts or even medium sized production runs. Its parent company, Caster Concepts, has variety of manufacturing capabilities which it leverages to help reduce design time and expenses. Conceptual In [..]

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Caster Testing Machines Page

Dynamic Wheel Endurance Test Machine (DWETM) Caster Concepts Testing Machine Caster Concepts engineers have developed a state-of-the-art, fully automated caster testing machines to simulate real-world use of their products in a laboratory setting. The Dynamic Wheel [..]

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Media Coverage Page

2017 December "Caster Concepts Offers Various Heavy Duty Industrial Steel Caster Case Studies" -  [..]

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