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Reducing Push Pull

September 12, 2013 By: Zach Norkey

Twergo, Multiple Wheel Ergonomic Caster, Risk Reduction, Increased Morale

Customer: Major US Automobile Manufacturer Note (US Automakers hold themselves to very high standards when it comes to safety, including ergonomics. They realize that injuries due to overexertion are the most common injuries in the workplace, and that those injuries can be detrimental in various ways including, negative impact on moral, increased employee absence and rising health care costs. While there is not a government regulation to comply with, US Automakers have essentially adapted the standards set by the "Snook Tables", to minimize the risk of injuries.)   Application: Line Delivery Carts Problem: Carts with loads of about 1,800lbs required [...]

Moving Carts Along Rails

August 12, 2013 By: Kurtis Myers

Replacement Wheels, Risk Reduction, Customer Satisfaction

Situation: Customer was having trouble moving a cart along a rail. The existing cart had four V groove wheels in each corner and the load was in excess of 2500 lbs. The customer was troubled with the force necessary to move the cart. Additionally there were frequent episodes where the wheel would bind on the rail, causing the cart to come off the rail. When the cart would come off the rail there was not only unexpected down time, but also damage to the items that were on the cart. The customer was also concerned about potential safety issues when [...]

Lasting Products

August 12, 2013 By: Jackie Masternak

55 Series, Polylock Breaks, Cost Reduction

Situation: A classic case of low cost versus total cost of ownership: A large food processor was experiencing frequent caster and wheel failures which shortened the life cycle on wash-down carts being used in operations. The caster failure was that the bearing was seizing in the swivel section and eventually fracturing the king pin. The wheel failure was related to moisture. The existing phenolic resin wheel could not hold up to the continual wash-down environment. The cost to the end user was significant down time and frequent repair costs. The end user stated, “These casters are a piece of junk [...]

Conveyor System Repaired

August 12, 2013 By: Jewell Flora

Purchase Cost Reduction, High Quality, Drive Wheels

Situation: An automotive assembly plant needed a heavy duty conveyor system repaired. The system was very complicated and had a wide variety of drive wheels, idler wheels or buffer wheels. The problem was that the conveyor was manufactured in Europe and then replacement parts had significant lead times and costs. The customer needed a reliable domestic source to decrease cost of replacement parts and to provide the parts quickly. Solution: The engineering staff of Caster Concepts has reversed engineered and improved numerous components which incorporate polyurethane, fabrication and precision machining. These components included: full buffer and drive assemblies, spline polyurethane [...]

Trailer Hitch

August 12, 2013 By: Kurtis Myers

Cast Iron Casters, Polyurethane Compound, High Cut/Tear Resistance

Customer: Cart Manufacturer Application: To be use as a trailer tongue Issue: The customer was looking for a durable material in order to increase the life of the tongue. The pin that goes through the tongue wears the polyurethane out quickly, making the connection of the trailers generate noise. Solution: By using a special polyurethane compound with high cut/tear resistance, CCI was able to increase the life of the trailer hitch. [...]

Telescoping Steering Wheel Mechanism

August 12, 2013 By: Mike Kulka

Triple E, Robust Product

Customer: Manufacturer of Automotive and Truck Steering Columns and Shifters. Application: telescoping steering wheel mechanism for large trucks. Issue: The original part needed to be able to slide back and forth freely while handing more torque than it previously was able to handle. Solution: Triple E was able to develop a robust product which could handle more torque than previously. [...]

Stub Roller

August 12, 2013 By: Tim Weber

Automotive Manufacturer, Skid Conveyor Drive Wheel, caster Concepts, Polyurethane

Customer: Automotive Manufacturer Application: Skid conveyor drive wheel Issue: Supplier of the conveyor was no longer in business. Ford needed to repair and replace 180 drive wheels. Solution: Caster Concepts was supplied with a sample of the existing product to reverse engineer. The Stub Roller was designed by the Caster Concepts Engineering team to drop in without any modification. Caster Concepts used its 95A polyurethane to improve wear and life of the drive surface. [...]

Shift Drum

August 12, 2013 By: Jewell Flora

3D Programming, Machine Center

Customer: Drivetrain Manufacturer Application: Shift drum to be used in the assembly of American motorcycle transmissions. Issue: The customer needed a specially machined shift drum to complete the assembly of a particular type of motorcycle transmission. The part was required to be machined at tight tolerances. Solution: The Machine Center was able to complete this project as per the customers’ needs and standards using special 3-D programming. [...]

Railroad Cars Transportation

August 12, 2013 By: Zach Norkey

Heavy Loads, Caster Concepts Engineering, Axels, Wheels

Customer: Material Handling Manufacturing Application: Transportation of Railroad Cars through the manufacturing process Issue: Extreme Loads - each wheel had to carry 17,500 pounds and roll freely. Solution: Caster Concepts sales and engineering team worked with the customer to design and build solid steel single flange wheels on a stub axle. The axle /wheel assembly was mounted between pillow blocks for increased bearing capacity and alignment. One set of wheels was driven to power the railroad cars through the manufacturing process. [...]

Racing Simulator

August 12, 2013 By: Jackie Masternak

Computer Racing Simulator Manufacturer, Aluminum, Machining Expertise

Customer: Computer Racing Simulator Manufacturer Application: These parts were specially designed and made to be part of new driving simulator Issue: The Company needed these parts to be functional and look flawless because they would be placed on the outside of the driving simulator. Solution: The Machine Center was able to deliver flawless parts made of the desired aluminum product because of the special machining expertise available within the organization. [...]

Powder Coated Caster

August 12, 2013 By: Kurtis Myers

Caster Concepts, Casters

Customer: Aircraft Component Manufacturer Application: Tow Tractors Issue: The current casters were very expensive and were not holding up to the application and environment at the plant. Solution: Caster Concepts spent time in the facility to fully understand the problem. By working in the plant CCI was able to understand how the caster was used and what the performance standards were required. With the help of the CCI engineering team the customer was presented with a powder coated caster specially designed for them to meet all their needs. The product has been used at the facility for 4 months and [...]

Nissan Clamp Plate

August 12, 2013 By: Mike Kulka

Automotive Manufacturer, 85A Compound

Customer: Automotive Manufacturer Application: Clamp for lift assist to grab and move painted car doors Issue: A clamp plate was needed that could move a car door without scratching the painted surface Solution: Caster Concepts employees were able to engineer and coat the Nissan clamp plate with an 85A compound. [...]