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Inventory CAD

Inventory CAD

Product Category:

SeriesName# CAD
3737 Series, capacity to 0.75K1
5050 Series, capacity to 1.5K2
5151 Series, capacity to 1.5K12
5555 Series, Kingpinless, to 1K2
5757 Series, Maintenance Free, to 1.5K4
6060 Series, Heavy Duty, to 1.5K2
6161 Series, Kingpinless, to 3.5K10
6565 Series, Heavy Duty, to 3.5K2
7070 Series, Heavy Duty, to 3.5K4
7171 Series, Kingpinless, to 4.5K10
8080 Series, Extra Heavy Duty, to 5K10
8181 Series, Extra Heavy Duty, to 10K10
8585 Series, Extra Heavy Duty, to 10K5
9090 Series, Extra Heavy Duty, to 20K10
9191 Series, Extra Heavy Duty, to 20K10
9595 Series, Extra Heavy Duty, to 17K10
9999 Series, Super Heavy Duty, to 29K4
Dual Wheel 82CDual Wheel 82 Custom, to 5K1
Dual Wheel 82Dual Wheel 82, Extra HD, to 5K1
Dual Wheel 86CDual Wheel 86 Custom, to 10K1
Dual Wheel 92CDual Wheel 92 Custom, to 8K1
Dual Wheel 92Dual Wheel 92, to 8K1
Pneumatic 82CPneumatic 82 Custom, to 7.3K1
Pneumatic 82Pneumatic 82, Extra HD, to 7.3K1
Pneumatic 92CPneumatic 92 Custom, to 7.3K1
Pneumatic 92Pneumatic 92, Extra HD, to 7.3K1
Shock Absorbing 73CShock Absorbing 73 Custom, to 2.4K1
Shock Absorbing 73Shock Absorbing 73, Extra HD, to 1.1K1
Shock Absorbing 83CShock Absorbing 83 Custom, to 3.8K1
Shock Absorbing 83Shock Absorbing 83, Extra HD, to 1.7K1
Vertical Mounted 84CVertical Mounted 84 Custom, to 3.9K1
Vertical Mounted 84Vertical Mounted 84, HD, to 2.5K1
Vertical Mounted 94CVertical Mounted 94 Custom, to 8.7K1
Vertical Mounted 94Vertical Mounted 94, HD, to 3.8K1

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