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Conversion Drive Caster®

Conversion Drive Caster®

Customer: Large Boat Manufacturer

Application: 30 ft Carts used to carry boat cabin through production process

Problem: The load on these carts could get as high as 8,500lbs and a part of the production process required a complete 180 degree “U-Turn” in a tight space. Maneuvering was very difficult and  required multiple employees. There was a high risk of injury due to overexertion, and a process that was extremely inefficient.

Solution: Our engineers surveyed the facility and identified the best resolution to be the implementation of two Conversion Drive Casters® in order to allow for a high level of steering control when maneuvering in the restricted space.


Result: Movement of these carts could now be done by two people instead of several, and the risk of injury due to overexertion was eliminated. Productivity increased, while operators were pleased that such a grueling task, was now so much easier.





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