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Warehousing and Distribution

Heavy Duty Caster Wheels for Warehouses

Warehousing & Distribution Caster Wheels

Ergonomic Casters cut down hand cart injuries

Sound ergonomic practices can make or break a warehousing or distribution business’s  bottom line.  Injuries due to overexertion cost U.S businesses over $15 billion dollars in 2012 alone.  Using the right material handling equipment is essential for creating the safest possible ergonomic environment in any organization.  Caster Concepts offers a wide variety of high quality ergonomic products proven to lower required push and pull forces: ErgoMaxx Maintenance Free Rigs,Crown casters, Twergo wheels, TwergoLite wheels, and round tread wheels are excellent solutions for your ergonomic needs.

As one of the well-known caster suppliers, Caster concepts also offers a variety of powered applications for organizations looking to maximize efficiency and reduce the risk of overexertion injuries even further.  If these solutions could benefit your business, then you should take a look at our line of of Drive Casters or Conversion Drive Casters.


maintenence free, maintenence free rig,



It takes more than the right wheel for a caster to have sound ergonomics.  The rig is also incredibly important to consider when selecting an ergonomic caster.  Caster concepts has a variety of ErgoMaxx maintenance free rigs that work wonderfully with our ergonomic wheels.



Twergo, ErgoMaxx, ergonomic rig, ergonomic caster




Ergonomics should be a top priority in every work environment, especially the ones where heavy objects need to be moved by hand.  Caster concepts offers an excellent line of ergonomic wheels in our Twergo and Twergo Lite lines.







TWERGO® Lite wheels utilize the same patented face design as our TWERGO® wheels, but is arranged in a single wheel design.  Twergo lite offers a cost effective way to to significantly reduce push forces in lighter duty applications.




ErgoMaxx Wheel

ErgoMaxx Wheel


Caster Concepts offers this popular wheel with various polyurethane tread formulations, ensuring the best tread material for your specific challenges. The Round, or Crown Tread wheel is primarily an ergonomic wheel, with lower weight capacities than conventional poly on cast iron wheels.




Motor Powered Caster

Drive Caster


In order to offer the greatest flexibility,  The Drive Caster® is sold as a stand alone unit that includes the caster and motor only.  A power source and controls are required to make the unit functional.




Steering Handle, Motor Powered Cart, Convert Existing Carts

Conversion Drive Caster



The Conversion Drive Caster® minimizes the risk of overexertion when moving and maneuvering industrial carts and racks. Carts that required multiple operators to move, can now be handled by one person, resulting in increased efficiency and reduced risk of injury.






Three Casters, Six wheels on Swivel Section Top Plate

Dual TWERGO® Casters Heavy Duty


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