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Train Industry Casters


Cast iron casters


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The type of equipment required to build and maintain the railroad cars of today need to be as rugged and reliable as the rail cars themselves. Caster Concepts offers a wide variety of single flanged and V-groove wheels. Our heavy duty caster wheel products are expertly machined to precise tolerances and capable of performing under the highest capacities. We’ve been providing train and locomotive industry leaders with Beyond Standard manufacturing solutions for years.


Caster Concepts Forged Steel V-Groove Wheel




Caster Concepts offers a variety of cast iron and forged steel v-groove wheels capable of use on either tracks or flat surfaces.  Our v-groove casters and wheels are ideal for heavy loads and can be machined for various bore sizes.





Flanged Wheel, Caster Concepts, track wheel




Flanged wheels are designed to operate on steel tracking to minimize guidance and rolling effort.  Caster Concepts offers a wide variety of heavy duty flanged wheel casters that are engineered to take on the highest capacities.  Both dual and single flanged options are available in either cast iron or steel.





Motor Powered Caster

In order to offer the greatest flexibility,  The Drive Caster® is sold as a stand alone unit that includes the caster and motor only.  A power source and controls are required to make the unit functional.





Steering Handle, Motor Powered Cart, Convert Existing Carts

The Conversion Drive Caster® minimizes the risk of overexertion when moving and maneuvering industrial carts and racks. Carts that required multiple operators to move, can now be handled by one person, resulting in increased efficiency and reduced risk of injury.







Train Industry Casters

Case Study: Check out how we helped a rail car manufacturer move large rail cars through the manufacturing process.









Three Casters, Six wheels on Swivel Section Top Plate

Dual TWERGO® Casters Heavy Duty

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