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Heavy Equipment

Heavy Machinery Caster Wheels

The manufacturing of cranes, bulldozers, tractors and other agricultural and construction machines & equipment can be grueling. Everything is bigger in the world of heavy equipment manufacturing, and that means substantial weight capacities that need to be moved safely, yet efficiently.

Workflow optimization is a greater challenge when parts weigh hundreds, even thousands of pounds. Carts and carriers are taxed with supporting massive loads, creating challenges and safety concerns. Additionally, some components are so large that they require custom mobility solutions, solutions that require custom casters that can support the heavy load, mount to unique requirements and provide fluid movement.

Heavy Machines Create Heavy Challenges












You don’t want to take risks when moving tons, because you could end up with tons of problems. 

Caster Concepts specializes in heavy duty industrial & motorized casters and offers custom built to spec caster and wheels to ensure the best possible solution to keep your manufacturing process rolling smoothly and safely. We have developed solutions for some of the most complex applications imaginable, we can definitely provide the right solution for your challenge. 



Drive Caster® – Motor Powered Caster®

The industry’s first motor powered industrial caster. Move tons effortlessly with this motor powered caster that can easily be integrated into your cart, rack, carrieror other device.


Steering Handle, Motor Powered Cart, Convert Existing Carts

Conversion Drive Caster

The Conversion Drive Caster® minimizes the risk of overexertion when moving and maneuvering industrial carts and racks. Carts that required multiple operators to move, can now be handled by one person, resulting in increased efficiency and reduced risk of injury.






TWERGO® Wheels

Ergonomic wheels that achieve an average of 25% reduction in initial push force, reducing the risk of injury, while increasing productivity. Patented face design with split-wheel design, achieves ergonomic benefits no other wheel can, and saving energy on powered applications.




Heavy Equipment Caster Wheels



Heavy Duty Casters

We offer a complete line of heavy duty casters that will can handle the harshest environments and support up to 25 tons EACH. Several wheel options are available to ensure the perfect fit for your application.





Custom Casters

Unique challenges require custom solutions, solutions that are built to exact specifications. Our flexible manufacturing process enables us to build the exact caster for your needs.






Case Study: Check out how we helped a rail car manufacturer move large rail cars through the manufacturing process.



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Three Casters, Six wheels on Swivel Section Top Plate

Dual TWERGO® Casters Heavy Duty

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