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Casters by Caster Concepts

Caster Concepts, manufacturer of industrial casters and caster wheels, supplies standard or custom-designed casters and wheels to meet any need and budget.

Caster Concepts engineering and manufacturing uses the most modern processes and supports the customer after the purchase. Our goal is to provide the heavy duty casters and wheels that fit your specific application. Customers turn to Caster Concepts when facing the broadest imaginable application challenges. Caster Concepts are expert at solving unique mobility problems and will engineer a solution to meet your custom specifications.

Supplying industrial caster and wheel solutions for virtually every industry, Caster Concepts has a long history of quality products, outstanding service and never-ending desire for exceptional results. Continuous improvement of not only products but also process keeps us on the leading edge when it comes to custom solutions.

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July 31, 2014 By: Tim Weber

Casters cut down hand cart injuries

Are your hand carts providing the safest possible workplace environment?

We’ve all seen the placards at manufacturing plants that proudly herald the number of days that have elapsed during a workplace accident. Such statistics are a source of pride for manufacturing employers – but also have a meaningful impact in [...]


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July 7, 2014 By: David Parham

“Build Your Own” Caster Configurator 2.0 Released

“Build Your Own” Caster Configurator 2.0 Released

Caster Concepts Custom  has been a popular tool for engineers and CAD designers looking to ensure they have the optimal caster for their application. Based upon user feedback, we have added the following enhancements to make designing custom casters efficient: [...]


Case Studies


Heavy Duty Dollies

Customer: Automotive Manufacturer Application: Heavy duty dollies Issue: Noise and Collision damage to trailers and other objects as well as low use life expectancy of the dollies Solution: A shock absorbing caster with a T/R compound wheel to quiet the [...]


Stub Roller

Customer: Automotive Manufacturer Application: Skid conveyor drive wheel Issue: Supplier of the conveyor was no longer in business. Ford needed to repair and replace 180 drive wheels. Solution: Caster Concepts was supplied with a sample of the existing product to [...]

Factory Caser Processes

Railroad Cars Transportation

Customer: Material Handling Manufacturing Application: Transportation of Railroad Cars through the manufacturing process Issue: Extreme Loads - each wheel had to carry 17,500 pounds and roll freely. Solution: Caster Concepts sales and engineering team worked with the customer to design [...]


Laser Formed Casters

Customer: Modular Home Manufacturer Application: Moving parts through the manufacturing process Issue: The casters were bending and the legs were snapping off Solution: Caster Concepts developed and built a custom laser formed casters with wider one piece legs and a [...]


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