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April 23, 2014 By: Tim Weber


When should spring loaded casters be used?

When to use spring loaded casters is a good question that many engineers ask and this short blog will offer of some suggestions that will be beneficial for those who procure casters for their application. Typically, spring loaded casters are


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March 31, 2014 By: David Parham

predictive failure

Failure Modeling for Successful Application

For polyurethane treaded wheels, the prominent mode of failure is the bond between the tread and hub. The mechanism leading to bond failure is excessive heat in the bond region. Such heat is typically generated by the tread itself. Subjected


Casters by Caster Concepts

Caster Concepts, manufacturer of industrial casters & caster wheels, is ready to supply standard or custom-designed casters & wheels that best suits your needs and budget. Caster Concepts provides application specific engineering, manufactured using the most modern processes and supporting the customer after the purchase. Our goal is to provide the heavy duty casters and wheels that fit your specific application. Customers turn to Caster Concepts when facing the broadest imaginable caster application challenges. Caster Concepts are experts at solving unique mobility problems and will engineer a solution to meet your custom specifications.

Supplying industrial caster and wheel solutions for virtually every industry, Caster Concepts has a long history of quality products, outstanding service and never-ending desire for exceptional results. Continuous improvement of not only products but also process keeps us on the leading edge when it comes to custom solutions.

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